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About us Company's story

Company's story

agencja doradztwa personalnego żory

I started my company on the 1st of June 2006, in the age of 21.

After the first year of law studies at the University of Wroclaw, I went to the United States for the Work and Travel summer program for students. I worked in one of the Minnesota resorts for half a year as a waitress in a hotel restaurant and a saleswoman in a souvenir shop. The local work ethic, organizational culture, and most of all, the respect and good relations of the owners, supervisors and students working there from around the world impressed me and inspired me to create an enterprise that followed a similar philosophy in Poland.

As a young person without experience in business and without an impressive professional career, I was very lucky and pleased to meet many wise, inspiring people who taught me how to do business. The most important of them all was my husband. Also my collaborators were and still are very important to me and I am very lucky to be working with them. Everyday they have been showing me that together we create our company and we all feel responsible for it. Running my business has confirmed and convinced me that the most valuable capital of every company is the people who create it.

I started my business with one ice-cream shop in a shopping mall and in a short time it expanded to 4 locations: Żory, Mikołów, Katowice and Bielsko-Biała. Graduating from the Law, Marketing and Management and Finance and Accounting has been also very helpful in running my own business. With time my company grew into employee flats and construction services.

agencja doradztwa personalnego żory
agencja doradztwa personalnego żory
agencja doradztwa personalnego żory

Today the Agnieszka Socha company includes:

  • Four ice-cream shops.
  • Four buildings with employee flats.
  • Renovation and building company.
  • Temporary job agency.

Taking benefit of all the experience I have gained when working as a seasonal worker and then becoming a businesswoman, I know what it looks like from both points of view. Renting employee flats also made me realise how different Job Agencies treat their temporary workers - unfortunately very often in a really bad way, which makes the workers feel underappreciated and reduces their efficiency. Taking all that into consideration I along with a group of experienced specialists decided to set up Temporary Job Agency WorkerService, where a worker is treated with dignity and respect and therefore the employer can count on their loyalty, efficiency and better work attitude.

At a time of employee market harmonious cooperation between the employer and employee seems to be the best solution to achive success.


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