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About us

About us

agencja doradztwa personalnego żory

Our company WorkerService combines innovation and many years of experience in the field of Human Resources and Payroll, Recruitment and Legalisation of Stay.

We are convinced that the services of our two companies will be useful in your business.

Within the framework of WorkerService we offer a wide range of services connected with labour leasing and career consulting. On the other hand, our second company is on the market since 2006 and it offers complex outsourcing services, such as: production, storage, cleaning, human resources and payroll.

We also offer various types of courses and couching.

agencja doradztwa personalnego żory

agencja doradztwa personalnego żory

What distinguishes us?

1. A good and experienced team

Thanks to teal organisation, our team treats our job as a mission which we conduct with passion and pleasure. In our company we try to find the perfect job for everybody, depending on their talents. We believe in brainstorming and we look at the problem from many points of view to find the best solution. We are a team that is full of optimism has an individual approach to every client.

2. Our priority is a person as a human being

Our goal is to find the perfect job for everybody. We are convinced that with a well-chosen position the workers can use all their professional potential. We believe that our individual approach to the employee will make our cooperation with the client pleasant and the clients will be enriched with a committed staff of production, quality control and cleaning workers.

agencja doradztwa personalnego żory
agencja doradztwa personalnego żory

3. The actions that we carry out are endorsed by many years of experience in the field of personal politics in Temporary Employment Agencies and production companies in automotive and electronic industries.

4. We treat our workers as a family.

Constant contact with the coordinator, help in the process of employment and legalisation of stay - also for the family and help in education.

5. Bargain price.

Thanks to years of experience we know the demands of the market - both of the employers and employees, so we can adjust our prices to everyone.

agencja doradztwa personalnego żory

6. Attractive health care, social and sports package.

For permanent workers to appreciate their work.

7. Quick realisation of orders.

We are constantly expanding our base of candidates to make the realisation of the order smooth and quick.

8. We guarantee comfortable housing conditions.

Flats for 4,6 and 10 people with own bathroom and kitchenette. Relaxation zone and laundry room for all residents.

agencja doradztwa personalnego żory


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