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agencja doradztwa personalnego żory
agencja doradztwa personalnego żory

Modern and practical solution for manufacturing companies and not only…

Ordering an external company to provide subsidiary - production, storage, quality or cleaning services is an ideal solution for all employers. In addition, we offer Human Resources and Payroll outsourcing.

We offer a wide range of services, from handling single production processes to comprehensive service for a certain area of ​​the company.

We fully adapt to all the guidelines of our client and always try to rise to every challenge.


1.The outsourcing contract releases both sides of the contract from any restrictions on employing employees.

2.The possibility of employing workers from Ukraine for up to 2-3 years.

3.Supervision of employees on the side of the outsourcing company.

4.Health and safety training, work clothes, medical examinations, accommodation permits - on the side of the outsourcing company.

5.One price for the services.

6.Timesheets processing and payroll service - on the side of the outsourcing company.